Invitations for PublicationsSoil Sequences Atlas

Soil Sequences Atlas vol. 5

Edited by Marcin Switoniak & Przemyslaw Charzynski

Dear Colleagues

We would like to invite you to contribute a chapter to a 5th volume of the series of Soil Sequences Atlases we are co-editing, and which we are planning to publish in 2021.
Main pedogeographic features presented in the form of sequences give a comprehensive image of soils, their genesis and correlations with the environmental factors in typical landscapes. Depending on dominant differentiated factors affecting the soil pattern, different types of sequences can be distinguished - toposequences, lithosequences, chronosequences, anthroposequences, etc. Volumes 1-4 of the Atlas include more than 20 Reference Soil Groups represented by over 250 profiles.
The atlases are both printed in a paper form and also freely available in electronic (pdf) form here:, ResearchGate and

If you are interested in this venture, as we hope you are, please take note of the following:

  • An abstract of 150-250 words should be submitted to the editors by email (swit[at] and pecha[at] preferably by end of January 2020. Abstracts should feature the working title of the proposed chapter, the author or authors responsible for it and the WRB classification of the soil profiles to be included in the soil sequence.
  • Chapters need to be written in English, and language editing is the responsibility of the authors.
  • The editors have rights to select chapters submitted;
  • We will be aiming to have a broad representation of soils from different continents/regions,
  • The first draft of the chapter has to reach the editors by 30th September 2020.
  • Chapters will need to follow the pattern of the chapters from previous volumes. The style sheet for references and bibliography will be forwarded to all authors.

We do hope you will feel able to respond positively to this invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you.