Lehrveranstaltungen W20/21

Winter term 2021/22

TitleLecturer (assistant)TypeDatesDuration
Anatomy and morphology of plants for LBUELink3
Anatomy and morphology of plants for NBUELink3
Belts of VegetationVOLink2
Compulsory Project MSc UPIÖPTLink6
Coursework Dendrology I: Twig and bud morphologyUELink0.5
Ecosystem ManagementSELink2
Ecosystem ManagementVOLink2
Ecosystem Management and Applied Restoration EcologyPTLink4
Erfolgsmodell BaumVOLink1
Field trips (deciduous trees and shrubs in winter)EXLink1
Hot topics in ecologySELink2
Introduction in Population Biology of PlantsVOLink2
Landscape EcologySELink4
Landscape planning - project 5PTLink7
Landscape planning - project 6PTLink7
Module in Plant Biology / ZoologyUELink7
Optional Botany moduleFOLink10
Philosophy of Science and Environmental EthicsVOLink2
Philosophy of nature and the landscape - Introduction: environmental aesthetic, environmental ethic, philosophy of ecologySELink2
Population Biology and Nature ConservationSELink2
Post Glacial History of the Landscape in Central EuropeVOLink2
Research Internship Restoration EcologyFOLink2
Restoration Ecological Seminary for BSc, MSc and PhD StudentsSELink1
Seminar "Global Change"SELink1
Training for the StaatsexamenSELink2
Vegetation Ecology of the ForestVOLink2
Vegetation of the EarthVOLink4